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Choosing a lawyer can be difficult. Most people have little experience with the law, courts or lawyers. Law firms often appear pretentious and intimidating. North Star Legal Services, LLC, is different.

Our attorney, Tom McGlaughlin, went to university and law school here in Pennsylvania, and also has broad experience from his years of work, moving from corporate IT development to serving as general counsel for a home builder. He knows how frustrating dealing with lawyers and the law can be, and he works to help his clients understand their legal situation and how to solve their issue or resolve their dispute.

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The Law Is Like Any Other Tool

The law can be intimidating, but if you recognize it is merely another tool that you need to use, you can see how our attorney can help you. We have worked in many practical situations, and we know that often the law is used to obscure and confuse matters. We help you cut through the confusing language so you understand what is at stake and what your real choices are.

Laws governing property and real estate are some of the most ancient areas of the law, because people have always needed to determine control and ownership of property. Purchasing a home or developing a commercial property is a everyday real estate transaction, and understanding the process can make the difference between you getting a good deal and never being certain whether it was a good deal.

We Can Help Your Legal Situation Seem More Manageable

People often avoid talking to an attorney until a crisis has erupted. Our lawyer knows how important cost-effective and efficient legal advice can be. Litigation is very expensive, so working with our attorney before that happens can save you time, money, stress and frustration. We can help you manage legal matters before they become legal problems.

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With more than 25 years of experience in business and law, we can help with your Pennsylvania legal issues. In the Lancaster area, including Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, call our lawyer at or use our convenient online form.