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For most people, questions concerning the law are specific and practical. You need advice on a real estate transaction, want to start a business or need help with an estate plan or probate. North Star Legal Services, LLC, excels at helping real people with their everyday legal matters.

Starting Or Operating A Business
Real Estate Transactions
Estate Planning And Probate

Help For Your Legal Issues

Legal advice often comes wrapped in leather-bound books and mahogany-paneled offices. People complain they never understand what an attorney is telling them. They sometimes feel lost in their own legal matter.

At North Star Legal Services, LLC, it’s not like that. Our attorney understands that you are not interested in being impressed with fancy legal terms or an expensive office. We know you want solutions to your legal issues. And when you make a decision, you want to understand why.

Real World Experience For Your Legal Issues

Many times in your life you will need an attorney. Buying a home is the largest purchase most people ever make. An attorney can explain the bewildering amount of paperwork you will encounter and help you decide if making that purchase really is a good deal.

Starting a business or dealing with the issues on a daily basis raise a wide range of legal questions. Should you adopt a corporate, partnership or LLC form? Do your contracts or leases protect you the way you believe they do? Do you need a variance or zoning approval?

Do you need an estate plan (Yes) or do you need assistance with the probate of an estate? What should be in your will? Do you need a power of attorney? Our lawyer at North Star Legal Services, LLC, can help you with all of these issues and a great many more.

Working in the corporate world in IT, as the general counsel of a home builder, and for private individuals, our lawyer has the real-world experience to translate complex legal issues into easy to understand concepts, helping you to manage your legal issues and resolve your legal problems.

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With more than 25 years of experience in business and law, we want to become your trusted business partner and help you with your Pennsylvania legal issues in the Lancaster and Harrisburg area. Call our real estate transaction lawyer at 717-742-0350 or use our convenient online form.

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