Tom McGlaughlin

Attorney at Law

I’ve always been passionate about helping people gain useful, lasting knowledge. After graduating from Penn State, I worked in the corporate world in Information Technology. There, I served primarily in management roles, eventually earning my MBA in the process. It was only a matter of time before I entered the real estate, estate planning, and business realm as a lawyer focused on helping clients solve problems.

From Initial Offer to the Closing Table

Why should you trust me to lead you through your real estate transaction?

1. Personal & Practical Experience

I have spent my career offering proactive, practical counsel in a variety of real estate matters in Elizabethtown and throughout PA. From working with home builders in Lancaster County to assisting in the development of several golf course community projects, my experience spans decades.

2. In-Depth Knowledge of the Law

My experience in real estate in Pennsylvania led me to develop a truly comprehensive understanding of the regional laws and regulations. The advice and guidance I give you will always be backed by this depth of knowledge. You and your family deserve nothing less. 

3. Passion for the Process

The laws and regulations involved in buying and selling property can be complicated. Let me help you make sense of it. I’ll explain not just the what, but the why, behind the decisions that need to be made. I truly enjoy helping turn real estate ideas into concrete realities.

4. Reasonable & Affordable Fees

Property prices have skyrocketed in Dauphin County, Lancaster County, and the rest of Pennsylvania. As your real estate lawyer, I take a cost-benefit approach to each transaction, striving to make sure that my rates remain cheaper than the typical commission owed to a real estate agent.

Start Planning for Your Future Today

When you know your family’s future is secure, life becomes so much easier. However, planning for the future of your estate, or dealing with a loved one’s assets, can be stressful. Don't try to do it alone. As an experienced estate planning attorney, I strive to simplify the process and the steps that must be carried out to create or administer a comprehensive roadmap for your loved ones.

Practice Areas

Real Estate Transactions

Reach out to me for accessible guidance in residential and commercial real estate transactions, including drafting and reviewing all necessary documents.

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Estate Planning & Probate

Whether you seek to plan for your family’s future, or you are faced with administering a loved one’s estate, it’s important to understand your options.

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Business Formation & Operation

Running a successful business—or starting one from the ground up—takes a great deal of thinking ahead. Let me take the lead.

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Exceptional Legal Advice

To Set You Up for Long-Term Success

Starting a Business?

Create a Strong Legal Foundation

From drafting essential documentation to helping you pick the right entity for your business, I’m ready to provide rock-solid support.

Want to minimize operational issues?
Be proactive.

Taking care of the legal side of things today will make it so much easier to prevent disputes tomorrow. Let me help you prevent breach of contract, unfair business practices, and other issues.

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Your Goals Come First

Whether you are planning your estate, buying a home, or starting a business from the ground up, it can be easy to lose sight of the bigger picture. Let me help. I strive to honor your specific goals as we work together to get things done for you, your family, and your business.

I’ll Meet You Where You Are

Every person follows a different north star. But no matter what your goals may be, you deserve legal counsel that listens to your concerns and meets you where you are. I serve clients across the state of Pennsylvania virtually, as well as in-person. At a time and place convenient to you, we'll meet to understand your goals.

Collaborative & Client-Centric

When you set up a chat with me, we’ll collaborate right from the start. Unlike some other attorneys, I won’t disappear for months on end after our initial consult. I keep every client involved at every stage of the estate planning, real estate, or business development process. The focus is 100% on you.

I’m Dedicated to Delivering Results

At North Star Legal Services, it’s all about solving problems and getting things done. I offer effective, easy-to-understand legal counsel at every stage of your transaction. Set up an appointment to get started.